Convinced Catholic

Mark Shea Conversion Story

Author Mark Shea tells how he moved from being a “garage band pagan,” through evangelicalism, and into the Catholic Church.

Matthew Leonard Conversion Story

Author and speaker Matthew Leonard explains how he traveled through various forms of Protestanism before finding his home in the Catholic Church.

Abby Johnson Conversion Story

Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood director and subject of the blockbuster film Unplanned, tells the story of how she became Catholic.

Jennifer Fulwiler Conversion Story

Jennifer Fulwiler is the author of Something Other Than God and One Beautiful Dream. She also hosts The Jennifer Fulwiler Show on Sirius XM’s The Catholic Channel. Here she shares here journey from atheism to the Catholic Church.Help Us Continue to Make This Type of...

Richard Cole Conversion Story

Richard Cole is an artist, poet, and author of the memoir Catholic by Choice. Here he tells the story of his journey into the Catholic Church.

Are the New Testament Writers Trustworthy?

Bonus content from the filming of the documentary Convinced ( - buy or rent at ) Mark Shea, author of By What Authority and several other books, explains why the authors of the gospels were not making...

Devin Rose on How to Navigate the Tiber

Don talks with author Devin Rose about his new book Navigating the Tiber: How to Help Your Friends and Family Journey Towards the Catholic Faith. They also discuss Devin's prayer appand his course for overcoming pornography addiction.Help Us Continue to Make This Type...